Can you over exfoliate?


There is definitely such a thing as over-exfoliating. It can cause everything from puffiness to breakouts.

Why do we exfoliate? Because our skin is constantly growing and drying. It sounds gross. But, it’s a natural and healthy process. As old skin cells die, they fall off. 

Unfortunately, your dead skin cells don’t always fall off as fast as you’d like. When this happens, they accumulate on your skin’s surface, making your skin look dull and lackluster. Dead skin cells can also lead to breakouts.

So just as over exfoliating is bad for your skin, not enough exfoliating is too. How then do you know how much is enough? The key is to pay attention to your skin.

The following three symptoms are ways to know you’ve been overdoing it with the scrubbing.

Your Skin’s Puffy

When you over exfoliate your skin, you irritate it. This can cause you to look swollen and puffy – the exact opposite effects your skin routine is supposed to have. If your skin is looking particularly puffy, hold off on exfoliating for a while and increase your moisturizer to promote healing and regrowth.

Your Forehead’s Looking Shiny

Like a well-polished piece of stainless steel, over exfoliating can cause the natural texture of your skin to be smoothed out. This can make large surfaces, like your forehead, shiny.

This is a sure sign that you need to skip the coarse scrub for a few days and focus on rehydrating your skin.

You’re Experiencing Breakouts

Feel like no matter how much you scrub your face, you keep breaking out? Turns out, all that work might actually be the cause. Over-exfoliating bit only removes your dead skin cells, it can remove your healthy ones too. This can leave your skin vulnerable and cause dirt and grime to get into your pores.

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