8 College Care Package Essentials

Your baby (or babies) are off at college and you want them to feel loved? Few things for the college student rival an awesome care package. While cash and gift cards are always nice, the following ideas bring a more personal touch to your gift, while still delivering function. 

Homemade Treats – Does he love your chocolate chip cookies? Is she obsessed with your banana bread? When your college student is getting by on cafeteria food, your homemade treats will taste even better.

Diffuser – Even the cleanest of dorms can smell. After all, there’s a lot of humans living in one place. Help your kid out by sending them a diffuser to freshen up their own personal space.

Trendy Water Bottle – Nothing’s worse than getting sick when you’re away from home. Staying hydrated will help your kid stay healthy. And, they are more likely to carry a water bottle that’s trendy.

Vitamin C Packets – In the same vein as water, Vitamin C is essential for your kiddo when they are trying to avoid catching a cold. Unfortunately, buying their own Vitamin C isn’t always the top priority.

Socks – Can you ever have enough socks? Especially when you’re away from home, staying warm and toasty can make you feel loved.

Extra Long Charger Cable Cord – Most dorm rooms weren’t designed to offer tons of comfort. And, most dorm rooms weren’t designed with our 21st-century technology in mind. This means, electrical outlets near the bed aren’t always a sure bet. An extra-long charger cable cord can add untold amounts of function and convenience to your kid’s life. (And you won! You might consider ordering one for yourself too.)

Water Proof Portable Speaker – Your kid likes to listen to music in the shower? Make it easier for them with a waterproof portable speaker. They’ll also be able to take it with them to parties and outdoor excursions without fear it will get damaged by water.

Toilet Paper – Dorm room toilet paper is historically terrible. If you have some extra space in your care package, add a few rolls of the good stuff from home.

Up next week – updating your home now that you have an empty nest!

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