6 Last-Minute Holiday Prep Suggestions to Welcome Guests


Have some guests coming for the holidays? Whether you found out last minute or you’ve just been busy – prepping your home can feel overwhelming. These quick last-minute tips can help you get your space ready and make the visit a success – without taking all day. 

Scrub the Toilet

Dirty toilets are gross – especially when it’s not your toilet. If you only get one thing done before your guests arrive, make sure it’s cleaning your toilets. The last thing you want is guests who feel like they need to leave just to relieve themselves.

Pick up the Clutter

Stacks and piles of stuff can quickly make even the largest of spaces feel small – as if there’s no room for you and your guests to even exist. Pick up and put away the clutter to make sure your guests know there’s room for them. Making room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to show your guests they are welcome.

Sweep & Vacuum

Believe it or not, a clean floor can go a long way in making your space look clean and well maintained. We like to sweep first and vacuum second, as this seems to pick up the most amount of dirt and debris.

Set Out Extra Toiletries

Toiletries offer that little extra something which says, ‘I was thinking about you.’ Plus, putting out extra toilet paper is a good way to avoid any uncomfortable requests. These toiletries could include:

  • Toilet Paper (strongly recommended)
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Lotion
  • Mouth Wash
  • Antacids
  • Painkillers (such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen)

Run & Empty the Dishwasher

It’s hard for guests to watch you work. Running and emptying the dishwasher in advance can cut down on cleanup time when your guests are ‘in-house’.

Have a Few Easy Snacks and Drinks on Hand

The quickest way to make someone uncomfortable is to let the be thirsty or hungry. Stock up on some beer, wine, and soda so you can easily offer your guests something to drink. As for snacks, a can of nuts, chips, and pre-sliced veggies are typically a good way to go. And – don’t be afraid to invite your guests to help themselves. Show them where the drinks, food, and dishes are. If there’s anything off limits, such as a specialty ingredient for dinner, just politely point it out and say why you’re saving it.


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