Should You Pay More for Bathroom Paint?

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All the things that make the bathroom a great place to get clean, also make it hard on surfaces. Namely – it’s the intense amount of moisture in bathrooms that causes issues in the bathroom.

The claim is that because moisture is so hard on the bathroom you must use special ‘bathroom paint.’ This is Paint equipped with mildew-inhibitors (anti-microbial additives which help it resist mildew). It’s also said bathroom paint has a tougher finish, which can better withstand being wiped down.

The issue is, ‘bathroom paint’ tends to be expensive. Is it really necessary to spend more?

Maybe. But maybe not. In recent years paint manufacturers have been improving the quality of all their paint – incorporating many of these same attributes into their standard selection.

How to Help Your Paint Last

Make Airflow a Priority

In practical terms, moisture in the bathroom is a given. The only defense you really have is to mitigate it with proper airflow. For most, this means a highly functional bathroom fan that can pull the hot wet air out of the bathroom and disperse it outside of the house.

Alternatively (or additionally), your bathroom may have a window you can open. If you don’t have either of these options, you’ll want to consider propping the door to your bathroom open while showering to keep the steam buildup to a minimum.

Consider a High-Gloss Finish

It’s harder for things to stick to a glossy finish. This means paint with a high-gloss finish performs better in the bathroom because it’s less likely to allow water and eventually mold to accumulate on its surface.

Squeegee the Shower

It may seem strange that caring for your shower can save your walls, but it’s true. The quicker you remove moisture from your bathroom, the better for all your surfaces. By squeegeeing your shower walls after bathing, you can cut down on the amount of overall moisture in the bathroom and limit mold.

(Squeegeeing your shower can also help you reduce the frequency with which you need to clean your shower. Double win!)

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