Bathroom Design Lessons You Can Learn on Vacation

Want to feel like you are on vacation forever?  So does everyone else. But the truth is, eventually most of us have to say goodbye to room service and go back home.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few things with you. No. We’re not talking about the mini fridge or extra roll of toilet paper. Rather, a few key lessons about how to maximize your bathroom space while still enjoying a spa-like feel.

Mount Your TV

Love the idea of a TV in the bathroom? Who wouldn’t! What better way to never miss a moment of the Hawks game or stay up to date on your favorite TV series?

There are a couple keys to successfully adding a TV to your bathroom. The first is to make sure it’s fully insulated. You don’t want any moisture to get in there. The second is to mount that bad boy! Mounting your TV allows you to take full advantage of your space, by utilizing wall space rather than some (or all) of your countertop!

Make Storage Pieces Dual-Purpose

When possible, make your storage pieces dual-purpose. This might mean hiding a cabinet behind a piece of artwork. It could be that your towel rack doubles as a staging area for your daily outfit. But one of the best dual-purpose items is a stool. If you want to add seating to your vanity, do so with a stool that doubles as storage. Chairs are nice. But chairs only serve one purpose. A stool with a sturdy top and hollow top makes for the perfect place to store extra items.

Mount Towel Bars on Your Vanity

Short one places to hang your towel? Use the vanity! By mounting towel racks on the vanity, you can create space where there was previously none!

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